Sunday, June 1, 2008

I think that if The Odyssey had been written as a graphic novel the story could have been enhanced. The story would have been more effective as a graphic novel because it would have been easier to understand and easier to picture if it was laid out for you. The book was hard to read because it wasn’t written in common English that we use now it was written a while ago so it was hard to understand everything that was said. If it was written as a graphic novel you could see pictures and understand it better from looking at them. Because The Odyssey is a bunch of small stories put together it would be good for a graphic novel. Also because they aren’t very long you could make easy-to-read panels out of every small story. Because this is a story over many years you could draw how people have grown and how thing have been affected differently in pictures rather than in writing. Because at the end of this book there is a lot of emotion between Odysseus and his son this might be the graphic novels weak point. It might be hard to express all that emotion but the book would over all be a very nice fit for a graphic novel.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Massie Block is famous for many things, her make-up, her clothes, her house, The Pretty Committee and one of the most important things is her way with words. Whenever anyone tries to talk down to Massie she really knows how to handle matters and can take them into her own hands. For an example, Massie would say do I look like an oven, then the other person would say no, why? And Massie would say back, then why are you all up in my grill. Even though some of the things Massie says can make you laugh for a long time, it still gets kind of mean down at the girls middle school. Because Massie is head of The Pretty Committee she needs to be on her feet at all time and whenever someone is going to make a comment about her she always needs to be able to say one that is worse within a few seconds. At the end of the book when the girls are in the bomb shelter which is now the boys locker room, they see Derrington and his whole team and he tells them he can forgive them if they do one thing for them. Massie has a full out battle with Derrington trying to see who can come up with the more terrible remarks about each other. Massie made all the girls give up guys, but she secretly wants Derrington back and I don’t think yelling at him and burning him was the way to go.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One theme in the book Bratfest at Tiffany's is that you should never give up. This is shown many times by many different characters. One way this theme is shown is when Massie and The Pretty Committee (minus Alicia) are forced to go to the over load and have school away from the actually building. They stuck together to try and make it work for themselves and all the others with them. Also when they were pushed to the over load the only other people there were LBRs (losers beyond repair) and so Massie thought her life would be over but instead she was about to make all the people in the main building envy what they had going in the shafted area. Another way this theme is shown is when the girls have to start a pact to never talk to boys again. Massie makes this pact official and gives girls bracelets to vouch by, even though all this is happening and every girl knows they can lose their friendship, they all still talk to boys because they think it is too hard of a think to give up. This theme is also shown when people decorate their lockers to try to get into the design of the Tiffany’s box in the over load building. Many people designed their lockers to try to get in but The Pretty Committee didn’t want all these new people coming into the area they designed so they didn’t decorate a locker.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alicia Rivera is the reporter over the intercom every morning at the Octavian Country Day School and she is very good at it. She gives the daily news and gossips at the beginning of the school day so the girls, and now the boys since they had to move into the girls' school, can listen in on the entire new scoop. Kristin has a very different personality then Alicia. Kristin is the captain of the varsity soccer team and leads her girls to victories every year. But also Kristin falls for the boy’s soccer players along with the rest of the Pretty Committee. Dylan’s mother is the head of the daily gossip show The Daily Grind and everyone who is anyone is on that show. Dylan is very weight obsessed and does not like the way she looks at all. She thinks everyone is always putting her down about her weight when really no one even tries to mention it. Massie is the head of the Pretty Committee; she is respected by everyone at the school. Everyone wants to be her friend and be by her side at all times. She runs the school and everyone in it. Claire just moved into Massie’s guest house on account of their Dads’ friendship. Claire doesn’t really fit in with the other girls’ fashion and drama but she tries her best to make friends and become part of The Pretty Committee so she can become someone in a school of wannabe’s and gonnabe’s.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The book Bratfest at Tiffany's is the ninth book in the Clique series by Lisi Harrison. In each book you learn a little more about the girls and they open up a little more. By the ninth book you can pretty much predict what the girls are going to do but Lisi always keeps you guessing. She is a master at writing and has a very descriptive sense. She is very good at giving each of the five girl’s different personalities and each has their own dream. The first book started when The Pretty Committee was in seventh grade and now they are in ninth and I have a feeling Lisi will keep writing until they are done with middle school or even done with high school. The author, Lisi Harrison is also famous for writing shows and helping develop shows for MTV. She now lives in Laguna Beach and writes the new, upcoming books for the Clique series. Next in the series is The Summer Collection for each of the five starters of The Pretty Committee. Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristin and Claire will each be telling their own stories of how they spent their summer and how different being back with their friends after that summer really was. I really enjoy reading all these books so I can’t wait to get my hands on the next ones coming out!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dear Massie,
I think you and your friends seem to be very close. But sometimes you boss them around too much and I think they are starting to get sick of it. Alicia is breaking off from the pretty committee because she doesn’t like that you said that she can't see the boy she really likes anymore. Claire is also still in love with Cam so I think it’s wrong that you tell her she can’t have feelings for him anymore. Also you know that you still want Derrington back but you are just jealous he is with Olivia so you tell the pretty committee that they also can’t see any of their boys anymore. I think that what you did with the school is excellent. The Tiffany and Co box to the extra area is a great addition and now everyone wants to go to school there instead of the actual school building. Also when the school has the contest when people have to decorate their lockers and try to win a spot in the new building is a great idea. I know you and the pretty committee probably doesn’t like the idea but it’s a fair chance for the rest of the school to be able to spend the year in the building of their choice. Also I think that if you try to win your boys back that is also a good idea because you all looked very cute together.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One connection i see from the book Brat fest at Tiffany's and my real life is the way girls act towards each other. Sometimes girls have frenemies and it’s like the saying "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" that’s what these girls do. In ever school there are some rivalries and at this school there is many. Massie and her pretty committee think that they are the girls that rule the school. In my life I know some girls think they do. Also another connection is how the girls act about boys. These girls gave up on boys to try and focus on their friendship more, and when the guys get new girls Massie and the PC get very, very jealous. In my life I know many girls who get jealous if they see a guy with another girl. Another connection is how the girls dress. They think that they need to be classy at school and casual on the weekends. I think most girls in Edina would agree with this because I know almost every girl dresses up for school and when they don’t see everyone they are friends with they don’t have to dress up and look all cute. The last connection I see is how the girls act towards school. The girls don’t care what grades they get or how well they are doing and I think this connects to my real life cause most of my friends have stopped caring about how they are doing in school as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the book Bratfast at Tiffany’s Massie Block thinks she’s on top and thinks she has it all, but the truth is she is about to lose it all. After getting the key to the secret room and being able to spy on the briarwood boys, she thought she could have it all figured out and actually understand boys. But after they found out about the girls spying on them they didn’t want anything to do with them anymore. The briarwood school floods and the boys move into the Octivan School and things go even farther down hill. Massie finds herself and the pretty committee even farther on the LBR list then Layne, Claire Lyon’s best friend. She is starting to hate school and makes a full on boy bash. She makes all her friends give up on boys and not have any interactions or contact. None of her friends really like this idea and they don’t really follow the plan, but they would never tell Massie that. Meanwhile Massie’s ex boyfriend is with some new girls who Massie detests and Massie gets very jealous and tries her best to stop all the flirting going on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the movie O brother where art thou? There are some similarities and differences from Everett to Odysseus. One similarity is their search to get home. They both get sent away from their families and their whole journey is to get back home. Another similarity is they both fall into the traps of the sirens. The last similarity is they both travel with a companion and some point in the story the companion gets hurt or dies. One difference between Everett and Odysseus is that Everett is known for his smarts and Odysseus is known for his strength. Another difference is Everett sneaks out of jail and Odysseus is sent away for war.

One event that is in both the book and the movie is The Cyclops. In the book it is portrayed by Odysseus in the end killing him. In the movie The Cyclops beats up Everett and his friends and then comes back later and they kill him with a burning cross. I enjoyed the book version because Odysseus tried to make friends with the Cyclops and then kills him saying that he is Odysseus and he is someone.

Two similarities between Penelope and Penny are that they are both mothers and that they both still love their husband that had left. Three differences between them are that Penelope stayed faithful and Penny did not. Also Penny was getting remarried and Penelope was not letting any suitors marry her because she still wanted Odysseus. The last difference is that Penelope cried a lot and let people know she was not strong, Penny on the other hand seemed very sturdy and strong and able to take care of herself.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am reading the book Bratfast at Tiffany's by Lisi Harrison as my outside reading. I chose this book because i have read every other book in the series and i really enjoyed all of them so i thought this would be a great book to read.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

post b week seven

I know that times were hard and that you felt you had no choice. But, there were other ways you could handle this. You didn't have to kill yourself. I think you made a terrible choice. I know that if you got caught you would go to jail and if you ran you would have to move far away. But you could have worked something out besides this. Think of what you left behind. Two daughters and grandchildren. And an ex-husband who loves you and is there for you whenever you need it. I think you should have rethought that decision and should not have gone through with that. And, evenso, you didn't even kill yourself in your own house. How can you do that. think of Mrs. Leverton. What happened to her? She died. And you killed yourself in her house. How can you even think about doing that? Helen you made a bad choice and now your family has to live with the decision you made all by yourself.

Post A week seven

deranged page 235:to disturb the condition, action, or function of.

obscured page 275:not clear to the understanding; hard to perceive: obscure motivations.

Theme: it's not over, til it's over.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Post B week six

The police start question Helen and Jake and they ask them questions about who or why or what went into Clair's house. After the questions are answered Helen and Jake go home. After that Sarah comes into town and Helen goes to pick her up. After Helen tells her what happened and why things are they way they are, They go to a diner. This section is mostly about Helen and Jake talking. They recap on whats happened recently in their lives. They have been divorced for a long time and were married for over twenty years. They haven't seen each other in over three, and Helen calls Jake to tell her what she has done. Helen and Jake talk for a long time together and thn thats when Helen leaves. I think Helen and Jake should get back together. They seem perfect for eachother, like the can share a special connection of what the other is thinking or doing. They know alot about eachother and can already predict eachothers moves so they know what is going to happen and how you can fix it.

Post A week six

fib page203: a small or trivial lie; minor falsehood.

parchment page 210: the skin of sheep, goats, etc., prepared for use as a material on which to write.

Everyone has a little dirty laundry.