Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the book Bratfast at Tiffany’s Massie Block thinks she’s on top and thinks she has it all, but the truth is she is about to lose it all. After getting the key to the secret room and being able to spy on the briarwood boys, she thought she could have it all figured out and actually understand boys. But after they found out about the girls spying on them they didn’t want anything to do with them anymore. The briarwood school floods and the boys move into the Octivan School and things go even farther down hill. Massie finds herself and the pretty committee even farther on the LBR list then Layne, Claire Lyon’s best friend. She is starting to hate school and makes a full on boy bash. She makes all her friends give up on boys and not have any interactions or contact. None of her friends really like this idea and they don’t really follow the plan, but they would never tell Massie that. Meanwhile Massie’s ex boyfriend is with some new girls who Massie detests and Massie gets very jealous and tries her best to stop all the flirting going on.

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