Sunday, September 30, 2007

Post 2 outside reading

1. rape
page: 50 negative
the author made this the toughest word in the book. Its the most negative word for the Sebold's. This is the word that everyone stumbles over and no one says.

2. animals
page: 54 negative
Mr. Sebold uses this word to descrice the men on the streets. He now sees every man as Alice's raper.

3. stunned
page:55 negative
This is how everyone sees Alice now. They all just look at her and stare because they don't understand what happened.

4. attack
page 59 negative
She feels that when people dont understand what happened to her. That she can't attack them she has to accept they don't get it and she has to explain it to them.

5. unsaved
page: unsaved negative
Alice feels that only you ca save yourself. No one can pull you out of where you are at.
you have to do it yourself or remain unsaved.

6. understood
page: 67 positive
Alice feels no one can really understand what she is going through. No one can really help her. Now that she has talked to Myra she feels thats as close as people can get.

7. erect
page: 72 negative
This is the awkward feel between Tom and Alice. now that he knows the truth he can't look at her the same was as he did before.

8. love
page: 75 positive
this word is tough for the Sebold family and Alice feels no one really understands it until after she has been raped and now everyone can show how storong their love is.

9. virgin
page: 77 negative
Alice was a virgin before she had been raped and now she feels that a nice boy will never love her again because of this. She thinks everyone will act differently and no one will look at her the same.

10. Alone
page: 80 negative
Alice feels this is how she lives now because no one can understand what she is going through. She thinks she is alone in this fight.

Alice went with her mother and father to pick up her sister from college and she saw many men on the roads and couldn't help thnking that they were all bad even though they hadn't raped her. She realized that she was being strong and she had to be there for her sister and mother. The church was told about what happened to her and many people came over to visit. Alice thinks that no one is going to ever love her again because of the rape. She thinks guys will never look at her the same again. She goes and sees a therapist and realizes that no matter what no one will really understand what she is going through. She is going to have to get over it herself. And help everyone along the way.

post 1 outside reading

Alice Sebold was walking home one night from a friend's dorm room when she was grabbed by a man and told he wont kill her if she does what he says. She then put up a big fight. But she was dragged to a tunnel in a park near the entrance of an amphitheater. There, she was raped. She was a virgin so she didn't know how to give a blow job when she was told to. After he was done with her he told her to put her clothes back on and then he took the little money he had. She then had to walk back to her dorm room when everyone was staring at her and trying to help her, she just ignored them. When she finally got back to her dorm she went straight to her friend Mary Alice's room and told Linda, another friend, she had been raped. Linda fainted. When Alice knew she couldn't help her she went to the RSA and told him she had been raped. He then took her to his office and called the police. When the police arrived they took Mary Alice out on a gurney and drove her to the hospital. When she arrived there she was taken to a room where she was going to have to have a vaginal exam. Dr Husa had managed to find some DNA from the raper. She then was told to pee and when she did all that came out was alot of blood. After the exam was over she was told she could take a shower. She wasnted to scrub off all of him. After she tried she knew that she couldn't do it. She then went back to her dorm room and had to go into the dean's office and have a talk with the police. She tried her best to explain what he looked like. No matter how much she tried it never seemed to come out. She then was able to go back to her room because she needed to call her mom. On the way she saw a man named Victor who gave her a hug but she couldn't hug back. Then she made it into her room and called her mom. Her mom was worried but came and picked her up. She had to go back later to follow up. As she drove home she dreamed about her childhood. How her mother was enver able to make the crops grow, how her family was different than everyone else's and how her mother drank. Her mother would have flaps. That are just like panic attacks. She remembers her dogs and how they would steal her mom's used maxi-pads and the whole family would go on a chase to get them back. She remembers how her father never showed any love towards her mother and she remembers how on hwer fifteenth birthday her mom took her to New York but couldn't make it cause of her attacks.

After reading this passage from the book it makes me a little more scared to go out. I think i am going to be a little more careful. It makes me feel really bad because this could happen to anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't believe that there are people out there like that it makes me unhappy at what the world is. How people can have pleasure from that or think its okay. I don't understand at all. I feel that this book is going to show me something and teach me how i can protect myself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This I believe.

Lisa Sanden

I Am Not My Body

People are not their body's

Lisa has a thalidomide defect but she still is a regular person on the inside.
People treat her with prejudice and pity but she is just a normal person.

They were fighters who struck "I can't" from my vocabulary, and replaced it with "I will find a way."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

assignment 9-05-07

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is meeting all the new kids. I think highschool is a good experience and I am really excited to meet all the people I don't know and too see all the people that over the summer i lost touch with.

One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to make the varsity team for softball. Last year i made JV and this year i'm going to try out and try and make varsity. I think that if I put my mind to it and pracitce that I could do it.