Sunday, September 30, 2007

Post 2 outside reading

1. rape
page: 50 negative
the author made this the toughest word in the book. Its the most negative word for the Sebold's. This is the word that everyone stumbles over and no one says.

2. animals
page: 54 negative
Mr. Sebold uses this word to descrice the men on the streets. He now sees every man as Alice's raper.

3. stunned
page:55 negative
This is how everyone sees Alice now. They all just look at her and stare because they don't understand what happened.

4. attack
page 59 negative
She feels that when people dont understand what happened to her. That she can't attack them she has to accept they don't get it and she has to explain it to them.

5. unsaved
page: unsaved negative
Alice feels that only you ca save yourself. No one can pull you out of where you are at.
you have to do it yourself or remain unsaved.

6. understood
page: 67 positive
Alice feels no one can really understand what she is going through. No one can really help her. Now that she has talked to Myra she feels thats as close as people can get.

7. erect
page: 72 negative
This is the awkward feel between Tom and Alice. now that he knows the truth he can't look at her the same was as he did before.

8. love
page: 75 positive
this word is tough for the Sebold family and Alice feels no one really understands it until after she has been raped and now everyone can show how storong their love is.

9. virgin
page: 77 negative
Alice was a virgin before she had been raped and now she feels that a nice boy will never love her again because of this. She thinks everyone will act differently and no one will look at her the same.

10. Alone
page: 80 negative
Alice feels this is how she lives now because no one can understand what she is going through. She thinks she is alone in this fight.

Alice went with her mother and father to pick up her sister from college and she saw many men on the roads and couldn't help thnking that they were all bad even though they hadn't raped her. She realized that she was being strong and she had to be there for her sister and mother. The church was told about what happened to her and many people came over to visit. Alice thinks that no one is going to ever love her again because of the rape. She thinks guys will never look at her the same again. She goes and sees a therapist and realizes that no matter what no one will really understand what she is going through. She is going to have to get over it herself. And help everyone along the way.

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