Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the movie O brother where art thou? There are some similarities and differences from Everett to Odysseus. One similarity is their search to get home. They both get sent away from their families and their whole journey is to get back home. Another similarity is they both fall into the traps of the sirens. The last similarity is they both travel with a companion and some point in the story the companion gets hurt or dies. One difference between Everett and Odysseus is that Everett is known for his smarts and Odysseus is known for his strength. Another difference is Everett sneaks out of jail and Odysseus is sent away for war.

One event that is in both the book and the movie is The Cyclops. In the book it is portrayed by Odysseus in the end killing him. In the movie The Cyclops beats up Everett and his friends and then comes back later and they kill him with a burning cross. I enjoyed the book version because Odysseus tried to make friends with the Cyclops and then kills him saying that he is Odysseus and he is someone.

Two similarities between Penelope and Penny are that they are both mothers and that they both still love their husband that had left. Three differences between them are that Penelope stayed faithful and Penny did not. Also Penny was getting remarried and Penelope was not letting any suitors marry her because she still wanted Odysseus. The last difference is that Penelope cried a lot and let people know she was not strong, Penny on the other hand seemed very sturdy and strong and able to take care of herself.

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