Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One connection i see from the book Brat fest at Tiffany's and my real life is the way girls act towards each other. Sometimes girls have frenemies and it’s like the saying "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" that’s what these girls do. In ever school there are some rivalries and at this school there is many. Massie and her pretty committee think that they are the girls that rule the school. In my life I know some girls think they do. Also another connection is how the girls act about boys. These girls gave up on boys to try and focus on their friendship more, and when the guys get new girls Massie and the PC get very, very jealous. In my life I know many girls who get jealous if they see a guy with another girl. Another connection is how the girls dress. They think that they need to be classy at school and casual on the weekends. I think most girls in Edina would agree with this because I know almost every girl dresses up for school and when they don’t see everyone they are friends with they don’t have to dress up and look all cute. The last connection I see is how the girls act towards school. The girls don’t care what grades they get or how well they are doing and I think this connects to my real life cause most of my friends have stopped caring about how they are doing in school as well.

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