Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dear Massie,
I think you and your friends seem to be very close. But sometimes you boss them around too much and I think they are starting to get sick of it. Alicia is breaking off from the pretty committee because she doesn’t like that you said that she can't see the boy she really likes anymore. Claire is also still in love with Cam so I think it’s wrong that you tell her she can’t have feelings for him anymore. Also you know that you still want Derrington back but you are just jealous he is with Olivia so you tell the pretty committee that they also can’t see any of their boys anymore. I think that what you did with the school is excellent. The Tiffany and Co box to the extra area is a great addition and now everyone wants to go to school there instead of the actual school building. Also when the school has the contest when people have to decorate their lockers and try to win a spot in the new building is a great idea. I know you and the pretty committee probably doesn’t like the idea but it’s a fair chance for the rest of the school to be able to spend the year in the building of their choice. Also I think that if you try to win your boys back that is also a good idea because you all looked very cute together.

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