Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Post B week six

The police start question Helen and Jake and they ask them questions about who or why or what went into Clair's house. After the questions are answered Helen and Jake go home. After that Sarah comes into town and Helen goes to pick her up. After Helen tells her what happened and why things are they way they are, They go to a diner. This section is mostly about Helen and Jake talking. They recap on whats happened recently in their lives. They have been divorced for a long time and were married for over twenty years. They haven't seen each other in over three, and Helen calls Jake to tell her what she has done. Helen and Jake talk for a long time together and thn thats when Helen leaves. I think Helen and Jake should get back together. They seem perfect for eachother, like the can share a special connection of what the other is thinking or doing. They know alot about eachother and can already predict eachothers moves so they know what is going to happen and how you can fix it.

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