Tuesday, January 15, 2008

post b week seven

I know that times were hard and that you felt you had no choice. But, there were other ways you could handle this. You didn't have to kill yourself. I think you made a terrible choice. I know that if you got caught you would go to jail and if you ran you would have to move far away. But you could have worked something out besides this. Think of what you left behind. Two daughters and grandchildren. And an ex-husband who loves you and is there for you whenever you need it. I think you should have rethought that decision and should not have gone through with that. And, evenso, you didn't even kill yourself in your own house. How can you do that. think of Mrs. Leverton. What happened to her? She died. And you killed yourself in her house. How can you even think about doing that? Helen you made a bad choice and now your family has to live with the decision you made all by yourself.

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