Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One theme in the book Bratfest at Tiffany's is that you should never give up. This is shown many times by many different characters. One way this theme is shown is when Massie and The Pretty Committee (minus Alicia) are forced to go to the over load and have school away from the actually building. They stuck together to try and make it work for themselves and all the others with them. Also when they were pushed to the over load the only other people there were LBRs (losers beyond repair) and so Massie thought her life would be over but instead she was about to make all the people in the main building envy what they had going in the shafted area. Another way this theme is shown is when the girls have to start a pact to never talk to boys again. Massie makes this pact official and gives girls bracelets to vouch by, even though all this is happening and every girl knows they can lose their friendship, they all still talk to boys because they think it is too hard of a think to give up. This theme is also shown when people decorate their lockers to try to get into the design of the Tiffany’s box in the over load building. Many people designed their lockers to try to get in but The Pretty Committee didn’t want all these new people coming into the area they designed so they didn’t decorate a locker.

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