Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alicia Rivera is the reporter over the intercom every morning at the Octavian Country Day School and she is very good at it. She gives the daily news and gossips at the beginning of the school day so the girls, and now the boys since they had to move into the girls' school, can listen in on the entire new scoop. Kristin has a very different personality then Alicia. Kristin is the captain of the varsity soccer team and leads her girls to victories every year. But also Kristin falls for the boy’s soccer players along with the rest of the Pretty Committee. Dylan’s mother is the head of the daily gossip show The Daily Grind and everyone who is anyone is on that show. Dylan is very weight obsessed and does not like the way she looks at all. She thinks everyone is always putting her down about her weight when really no one even tries to mention it. Massie is the head of the Pretty Committee; she is respected by everyone at the school. Everyone wants to be her friend and be by her side at all times. She runs the school and everyone in it. Claire just moved into Massie’s guest house on account of their Dads’ friendship. Claire doesn’t really fit in with the other girls’ fashion and drama but she tries her best to make friends and become part of The Pretty Committee so she can become someone in a school of wannabe’s and gonnabe’s.

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