Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Massie Block is famous for many things, her make-up, her clothes, her house, The Pretty Committee and one of the most important things is her way with words. Whenever anyone tries to talk down to Massie she really knows how to handle matters and can take them into her own hands. For an example, Massie would say do I look like an oven, then the other person would say no, why? And Massie would say back, then why are you all up in my grill. Even though some of the things Massie says can make you laugh for a long time, it still gets kind of mean down at the girls middle school. Because Massie is head of The Pretty Committee she needs to be on her feet at all time and whenever someone is going to make a comment about her she always needs to be able to say one that is worse within a few seconds. At the end of the book when the girls are in the bomb shelter which is now the boys locker room, they see Derrington and his whole team and he tells them he can forgive them if they do one thing for them. Massie has a full out battle with Derrington trying to see who can come up with the more terrible remarks about each other. Massie made all the girls give up guys, but she secretly wants Derrington back and I don’t think yelling at him and burning him was the way to go.

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