Sunday, June 1, 2008

I think that if The Odyssey had been written as a graphic novel the story could have been enhanced. The story would have been more effective as a graphic novel because it would have been easier to understand and easier to picture if it was laid out for you. The book was hard to read because it wasn’t written in common English that we use now it was written a while ago so it was hard to understand everything that was said. If it was written as a graphic novel you could see pictures and understand it better from looking at them. Because The Odyssey is a bunch of small stories put together it would be good for a graphic novel. Also because they aren’t very long you could make easy-to-read panels out of every small story. Because this is a story over many years you could draw how people have grown and how thing have been affected differently in pictures rather than in writing. Because at the end of this book there is a lot of emotion between Odysseus and his son this might be the graphic novels weak point. It might be hard to express all that emotion but the book would over all be a very nice fit for a graphic novel.

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