Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Post 4 outside reading

To me the book has been really good so far. It is very good at giving feel and emotions of how evreyone is feeling. It also is very decriptive. It describes everything very deeply. Some things i think that would be better is if Alice could remember more things so it doesn't feel like something is missing when you read it. Another thing the book could work on is that it is kind of bias. You only hear one point of view the whole time and you can't really know what happened to the other people or how Alice treated them worse or better. When i first read about the rape it got me scared and i kept wanting to read on. It brought up feelings of hate for me towards the rapist and it made me mad. I don't think i could ever imagine this happening to me. But i have felt like i was trapped in my own body before, like no matter what you said people still wouldn't understand you. I think that even though they have caught the guy something bad is still going to happen. Either to Alice or to one of her friends. I think that Alice is going to help and the problem is going to get resovled. After i read the part about them catching the guy I was very happy for Alice i think that she is going to start feeling closure because now she can be peaceful and rest knowing danger isn't out there anymore.

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