Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

My feelings on The Diving Bell and The Butterfly are mixed. I think this book is very well written but i think it is too hard for people to understand and it doesn't always make sense. I think this book is very descriptive and the author really makes you feel what he is writing. He wants you to know what he sees and how he feels. His condition is really bad and i'm sure no one could really understand it but he tries to get you to know how he is after the accident. He uses alot of loaded words and makes you think under the surface to find the true meanings he is using. I think alot of people struggle with this book because he flips between memories the present and dreams alot. You can't really understand which one it is until your half way through the chapter or almost done reading it. He also kind of rambles. He puts chapters together that don't make sense with each other and some sentences don't seem to fit together. This book really makes you feel bad and like you want to help but you know you can't do anything for him. It makes you really not want to have locked in sydrome happen to you. At the end of the book you can tell that he is just giving up and doesn't want to live anymore. This kind of makes you take pity on him. The author can't always remeber what happens so it gets kind of confusing when he is thinking then can't remember after that. You wonder where he was going with that thought and why it all of a sudden stopped. I think this book does a very good job at taking you inside his head. You start to feel everything he is feeling and you know exactly whats happening.

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