Thursday, October 18, 2007

In this section Alice finds out a girl named Maria inher class tried to commit suicide. She asks Alice to visit her and Alice there finds out that Maria had been raped by her family for many years when she was growing up. Alice's poem had made Maria think of all the memories and made her very sad. She thanks Alice for not letting her ignore it. This section also talks about how Alice loses her virginity for the first time after her rape. She was drunk and lied to the man, she told him she had already had sex. She catches herself falling in love with him. They never spoke afterwards. Alice now has to face the main trial in her rape case and She is put on the stand she is asked many questions then starts to break down crying. But she got it over with. After she was on the stand Gregory Madison pleads not guilty, but he is found guilty on six different accounts. Alice asks for as much time in jail as possible and he has to be in jail for at least eight years. She finally won and her and her family are very happy that they dont have to deal with this any longer.

This was a very hard section for me to read and i found myself crying on more than one occasion. I felt like I had a first hand account on what happened and it was really hard for me to really feel how Alice was feeling. It must have been so hard for her to go through all of this. Then she had to face Gregory again in the court room. She had to point him out and look at him. I was very happy after she won. I thought that this was going to be so good for her and her family. They really needed this and then they finally got it. I thought that Alice wouldn't make it this far in her case but she kept on trying.

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