Monday, October 15, 2007

outside reading week 4 post 2

After they found Anna's killer they now have to put him on trial. She has to be questioned by the defense attorney and answer many questaions realted to the rape. After the preliminary trial is over then Anna has a break. During this time she has to choose her killer out of a line up. She hurries herself, and ends up choosing the wrong man. Anna later learns that the killer put his friend next to him in the line up to make it harder for Anna to choose. She chose on fear rather than based on facts. Now Anna has to state her case in front of a grand jury and as she tells her story she cries. After she does that she realize it will help her so much more in the long run. After the trial is over they have to sit and wait until they here from the judge.


Hannah :) said...

You are doing a very good job keeping up with the posts. Sometimes it's confusing to understand who you are talking about during your summaries. Otherwise you can tell you read it and understood what was going on. You provide good detail and it sounds like a good book!

Desi KAy!! said...
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Desi KAy!! said...

your book seems really interesting but your bolg is hard to follow. Maybe its because i havent read the book so it make sence to you but i have know idea what just happened beside something about death but it still look like a good book.