Monday, December 17, 2007

post B week five

Dear Jake,
You are home, back to the place where you grew up. Where you got married and had children and where your childhood is. But, i know the real reason you are back. You know that Helen killed her mom and after she told you, you went to Clair's house and you broke in and you saw her dead. Now you’re an accomplish to murder. It's not looking good for you. You can't hide your secret for long. Now that the police are involved the true story is going to come out some way or another. Now you know that Helen slept around and that she had sex, but you still try and help her? That's very nice. And you tell her it’s not a we, it’s a you. But you’re involved now you so are in this battle just as much as she is. Also, you told Helen, you never wanted the marriage to end but you were the one with the divorce papers. When you tell Helen that you don’t want to be involved with this murder, how come you two made a plan up together? How come you guys made up a big lie so you both can get out of it no problem?

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